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Music of Wales Novice or Intermediate/Advanced
Songs about Bonnie Prince Charlie Intermediate or Advanced
Two Carolan duets Advanced
Music of the Shakers Novice, Intermediate, or Advanced
Music of Turlough O'Carolan Intermediate or Advanced
Folk hymns from America's past Novice OR Intermediate
Sacred Harp Tunes for Mountain Dulcimer Intermediate or Novice
Let's learn some tunes Novice or Beginner
Music of Wales Novice or Beginner
Some Sweet Celtic Airs Intermediate/Advanced
Tunes in b inor Intermediate or Intermediate/Advanced
Songs of Robert Burns Intermediate
Spirituals for Mountain Dulcimer Intermediate (could be adapted for Novice)
Cowboy Songs in DGD Intermediate
Music of the Westward Expansion Novice OR Intermediate
Mountain Dulcimer Meets Pipe Organ Advanced
Some Favorite Classics Novice or Intermediate
Early Music for Mountain Dulcimer Intermediate
Hymns from the British Isles Intermediate
Technique and Interpretation
How to Play Cleanly Novice - Advanced
Gentle Pizzazz ! Intermediate or Intermediate/Advanced
How to Make Sense of Tab Beginner (could be early novice)
Advanced Fingerpicking Advanced
Fingerpicking Mini-Course (2 - 4 hr) Novice and up
What Can a Dulcimer Player Learn from Choral Music? Intermediate or Advanced
What Can a Dulcimer Player Learn from a Violinist? Intermediate or Advanced
Those Dazzling Harmonics! Intermediate or Intermediate/Advanced
The Softer Side of Dulcimer Intermediate
Let's Smooth It Out Beginner, Novice or Novice/Intermediate
First Steps in Fingerpicking Novice or Intermediate
Playing with Expression Novice or Intermediate/Advamced
Right Hand Technique Novice or Intermediate
Left Hand Technique Novice or Intermediate
Music Theory and Arranging
Those Mysterious Modes Novice and up
Creating Harmony Parts Intermediate and up
Introduction to the Chord-Melody Style Novice or Beginner
Beginnings and Endings Advanced
Chords and WhatThey Do for Us Novice, Intermediate or General
Fingerpicking Backup Intermediate or (probably) Intermediate/Advanced
Arranging: Variation is the Spice of Life! Intermediate/Advanced
How About Those Rhythms? Beginner, Novice or any players who do not read music
Melody on the Bass String Intermediate or Intermediate Advanced
Music for Multiple Players
Dulcimer in the Round Novice
How to Play Well with Others Novice or Intermediate
Making Up Harmonies with a Duet Partner Intermediate
"Dulcimer Orchestra" All
Arranging for Multi-level Groups Intermediate/Advanced (but all levels welcome to attend)
Listening Novice and up
Welcome to the Wonderful World of Dulcimer PRE-beginner
Preparing a Piece for Performance or Competition Novice and up
To order books or CDs, send a check for $18 per item, made out to Nina Zanetti, and mailed to 76 Willow Street, Guilderland, NY 12084. Please include your mailing address and a note about which item(s) you are ordering.

To book an event, call or email Nina. She is available to teach workshops and perform at festivals, as well as to play at receptions, open houses, historic sites, special celebrations, and church services. See list of possible workshops below. Contact Nina to discuss developing a workshop to meet your group's needs


Nina Zanetti
76 Willow St.,
Guilderland, NY 12084

Email Nina

Nina's email address: ninazanetti AT verizon DOT net